New Prints

This work explores the notion of wrestlers – expressing misunderstandings, disagreements and emotional struggles between lovers, relatives or acquaintances – belies the thin lines separating our perceived roles. 

Much of the physicality we express daily falls neatly into categories.  The wrestlers are lovers and fighters, both the object of desire and opposition.  The ambiguity manifested in their holds and positions allows viewers to see what they will.  The familiar ultimate fighting term “no holds barred” describes an unconstrained interaction.  We all recognize the difficulty of situations involving power- so how much of that struggle is determined by our complicity?

These prints explore those struggles by examining patterns within relationships. The forms wrestle, tangle and complicate associations as individuals overlap to make a cluster or collective.  They insinuate a single thread connecting figures through the passage of time as well as the transformation of individual components into a relational mythology.


Wrestlers (seeking) Three color lithograph, 16" x 20", 2012


Wrestlers (secrets) Three color lithograph,16" x 20", 2012


Wrestle (river) 22" x 30" three color lithograph, 2012


Overlapping Tangle (complications) three, three color lithographs with paper removed, suspended on insect pins, 2010


Overlapping Tangle (complications) detail


Wrestlers (pink doily), three-color lithograph, 18" x 18", 2009


Wrestlers (tangle), three-color lithograph, 20" x 32", 2009


Skein, three-color lithograph, 13" x 18", 2008


Provenance, three-color lithograph, 14 1/4"x 15 3/4", 2008